Happy Christmas and a Happy new Year! December 31, 2003
Hey Peoples ! My First Up Date noting to report really Just letting you know i exist ^^ and wishin' you a happy new year and stuff.

To Tripod we go! December 20, 2003
'Sup homie bitcheeeez! Seeing that Kenji uploaded the sprites section inspired me to start using Tripod, again...since I'm too lazy to do stuff that I'm too lazy to list. Oh, and the sprites section looks different because Kenji was a smart-ass and--...I meeeean...He was nice enough to make a new layout type thing. Don't worry. I'll change the banner and scrolling colors so they match.

Weird Thing of the Moment December 14, 2003
Hey, if you didn't know, I've had a Weird Thing of the Moment link on the Other Stuff page for a long time...so...I changed it to a HILARIOUS thing that you should DEFINITELY listen to.

Windows 98 SUX! December 14, 2003
This is GSG. My computer froze (damn Windows 98) when I tried to update, so Quick is almighty and powerful and is always right. finally, an issue of SCWH! I'm working out an update schedule, but There WILL be more comics to come!

~Later, GSG

Let's all bathe in Bill Gates' blood. November 28, 2003
Hey, all you happy peoples. Where have I been? Well, my main computer went to hell. Why? It's a Windows, duh. Right now, I'm using my iMac. My computer is fixed, but the bastards who fixed it only backed up one frickin' folder, so I'm going to have to see what the hell's going on. Plus, I can't connect to the internet because I lost the driver disc for my USB ethernet card. So, for now, I'm stuck on my old iMac, which will most likely never crash in it's entire lifetime with me. 40GB Windows: Crashes, constantly freezes, constantly flinches. 4GB Mac: Freezes every once in a while. Yep. Windows are the best. Everybody's right. I just love viruses, script errors, and hackers.

I'm saving up for an OS X Panther eMac. End of story.

Anyway, I'm planning on making a new layout, since I'm getting kind of bored with this one. I've planned out nearly everything. I shall get started in a few minutes, if time cooperates.

QSQQ! It's just for you! November 2, 2003
New QSQQ with a lame joke song thing! Yay!

I'm a pervert! A pervert! It just goes on and on! October 27, 2003
Hey, peoples. I changed the banner. The color didn't match the sapphireness of the site, and I didn't think it was fair that the QSQQ cast got to be on the banner and not anyone elses, so I just put the staff on there. That's all for now. See ya later.

You say, "toe-mah-toe". I say, "Shut the fuck up and eat the damn thing!" October 23, 2003
'Sup. I'm back after, like, a half an hour. XP

I fixed the <INH> coding, since the lazy-ass wouldn't do more than the homepage. I shall go, now. Buh-bye!

You say, "tah-may-toe". I say, "Shut up and eat the damn thing!" October 23, 2003
BAKLAVAAAA! Um...hello. You're probably wondering where I've been. Well, my computer half-crashed, so I had to get it all together for a while. But I'm back! Wheeee!

In other news, I made a new update banner. Like it? I also edited Kenji's icon a bit. He just looked too bored, and I'm the only one who gets the sprite on the right, since IRB TEH gOD!!!!11 No, GSG didn't make the icon I currently have. I made it. It might be temporary. I don't know. It depends on GSG. The bastard won't make me an icon! It's his sick little joke. XD

Also, yes, Shanic's slowed down in producing comics, but, hey, you try to be that productive for a long time (No, not reproductive. I know everyone can do that for a long time, if they don't have to pay for the kids.). And the server for SA is down, too. Bandwith went pa-poof. I think he'll find a new server soon, though. (I don't like taking up space on Dragoneye. Hence the non-hostingness.)

Well, that's all for now! Ta-da! And remember, if you have a PC, get a Mac to transfer all your files on for when the PC crashes! Thank you!

Darn school... FNDN! October 19, 2003
Yes, I got covered with molasses. >P And I have idiot er, Kenji's icon here. (I can take out the "idiot," just a lil' fun, XD!) ~GSG

More Sonic Advanced Goodness! Wheee! October 9, 2003
Hey again, it's Shanic, and I have even more Sonic Advanced to post here on the site. I have about six new issues for Q3, so get readin! And oh yeah, Thanks GSG for the icon! I like rule now! *shot*

Breaking the monotony... Oct. 8, 2003
Hey all. Just wanted to point out that a lot of my art will be placed in my Dev-ART Gallery. I've been trying to work on SCWH, but I keep getting distracted by school. Y'know what? I promise that I'll have a page up in the next 5 days. If not, you can smother me with molasses.EDIT: Shanic's Icon. :B ~BOOYAH, GSG

MWAHAHAHAHAAHAHAA!!! October 2, 2003
I fixed the code in the sidebar for <INH>. It had dashes before. Anyway, since I fixed that I'll prolly be doing an <INH> comic this weekend. PH33R! XP
Laterz y'all,

#2! September 28, 2003
Issue number 2 of PWMS is up. MS Paint is hell, and I'm still getting used to PSP7. So yeah, if anything's messed up blaime them. Damn it's late.
Laterz y'all,

'Tis I September 27, 2003
Hello. It's me. Dreax beat me to fixing stuff. Bastard. And why don't I get an icon that pawns? Aww...Anyway, I clipped some updates and did some other little teeny things that are not worth mentioning. Gurd bye!

1337 September 27, 2003
Thanks for the Icon GSG, it pwnz. :P
Anyway, as you can see, we're back to our original location. So yeah. In other news, I plan on making some comics today.(yes that means more than one) *world explodes*
Laterz y'all

Dreax's Sexy Icon Sept. 26, 2003
Yes, I have brought Dreax's sexy Icon!

That's all for now, and good prank Dreax. >P Remember guys, if you want me to make you a sexy avvy, send me your sprites. ;)

Prank September 26, 2003
I'm sure a few of you noticed the main page. I don't want to stop people form comming here, so I put a link up there leading here, where I've temporarily put the actual main page.
This is something between myself and Quick, and I ask politly that you leave it be. I will take down the current main page and put this one back as soon as I get the chance to talk to him.
Thx guys, Laterz.

Sonic Advanced Updated! Sept.23, 2003
Hey all! It's Shanic! I gave Q3 the next 3 issues of Sonic Advanced! Read on! ~Super Shanic

Kenji's email fixed. Sept. 21, 2003
Um... Quick. You forgot to put the "mailto:" part in Kenji's email. All the pages say "/Quick-Silver/Q3/insert matt's email." I fixed the one on this index page, but you have to do the rest... unless I do them first. EDIT: I went ahead and did them... you lazy-arse. >B Oh, and guys, I need your sprites to make your icon thingy. And i'm re-drawing Quick's character sheet... and I'm going to draw some MORE! WAHAHAHAHAHA--*coughhack,wheeze* ~GSG, heheh.

Readyyy...GO! September 21, 2003
Alright! I got Sonic Advanced started for Super-Shanic! TONS of issues to read, so go read 'em!

THE BIG-ASS UPDATE! September 20, 2003
Whoo! Surprisingly, my parents DID cooperate! But, I didn't spend it setting up Sonic Advanced. Instead, I made a new banner, and nearly finished the site! Yes, the site is going to have a sprite section to which Kenji will be the boss of.

All the staff members will have similar icons, which will be made by GSG. Yay, GSG!

So, take a look around and get used to this place, again. XP

Slurp Your Friends! September 20, 2003
Hi! I finally made a new issue of QSQQ! Go! Read!

Also, if you want less original and more Sonic, don't worry. I'm not gonna continue Bob until there are about as much issues of QSQQ, but a new comic's-a comin', and he's a work-a-holic! He makes his comics so fast, it'd be pointless for him to update everytime he had a new one, so he'll update in huge clumps! It's Super-Shanic's Sonic Advanced! He'll be set up today, if my parental units are cooperative, which I doubt.

Schniflibbabin! September 18, 2003
Hahllooo! Some of you may have noticed the deviantART is being an ass and isn't a worthy image hosting site thing, so I switched. Now, you can SEE them! SEE! (By "them" I mean all my comics, which are QSQQ and Bob.) Go read! And, if you've already seen them, go read them, again!

Back to school. Back to school. To show Dad I'm not a fool. September 14, 2003
Augh...School...Less free time. The site's gonna be pretty dead for a while, now. I'm sorry...for the people who care. I promise, once I get settled back into the ol' schoolness, I won't be as lazy with my free time. And, hopefully, I won't have as many chores to do because spring has sprung, fall is about to fall, winters almost here, and it's getting colder than usual. So, bare with me for a while.

I'm hungry...

...You know what? GSG updated. XD

Maybe he'll keep this site alive while I sit on my ass.

Oh...and I have a new icon. GSG made it for me! Yay!

Wow, this is a long update. Um...I think I better make a word limit for update titles. If they're too long, it makes the update look...evil.
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