This is the page where I put links to sites that I think kick ass on. XP

Earthbound Millenium (You WILL go to it!)

Arrosi f.k.a. Amy Rose's Realm of Sonikku Insanity (This person inspired me to start a website and learn HTML. She has taught SO much to me. Right now, she's taking a long vacation waaaay down south from where she lives, but visit her site, anyway.)

Close to the Ground (Dennis Spielman's personal site. He's my hero!)

Shadow of a Hedgehog (Dennis's kick-ass Sonic site. [Valoc works here, too! He's my hero, too!])

Fireball20XL f.k.a. Dirty Power (The site that used to kick-ass that I used to get my sprites and laughs from. I also used send RFC's there.)

Press Start Now a.k.a. Player 2 (The fooneh place for sprite comics. I mean...the place for fooneh sprite comics. Valoc worked here!) (Hours of fun! XD)
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